Book I: Family Love Truth

Book I - F.L.T.

Chapter 1

     We had the most amazing ride to the island.  Though the swells were in the distance, large creatures rolling and tossing, the water seemed to smooth out closer to the ferry.  Lots of people up on the decks had binoculars out.  A few of the crew muttered comments back and forth.  Some of the passengers were holding on to each other.  A few times it was almost like looking at a herd of dark horses.  Is herd the right word?  No matter.  I squinted at the oceanic scene, and discovered it was all too easy to imagine they waters were horses tossing their heads.  There may have even been a rider. 
     I turned to Cole only to find he was, once again, buried nose-deep in his lap top.  The wind ruffled his curly cap of hair.  This is our conversation:

Me: "Wow!  This is amazing.  I've never been on a ferry ride before.  Look at how wild the ocean is."
Cole:  "Yeah.  I saw the video of it this morning."
Me: "Or, you could look up right now."
Cole:  "No, I'm okay.  I'm watching shark sightings on my lap top.  Actually, it's making me hungry."
Me:  "Are there any sharks in these waters?"
Cole:  "It's not the sharks you have to worry about.  It's the souls of the uncrossed.  This is the edge of the world, you know."
Me:  "Erm. . . what?"
Cole:  "This is the edge of the world.  This is where souls gather until Kharon ushers them across.  Don't get too close to the side of the boat.  You might get dragged into the water."
Me:  Laughing, "Sure.  Okay."

Cole: For the first time he looked up.  Whether from excitement or exhaustion there’s a touch of grey coloring his eyes to a washed out shade of khaki-brown.  "No, babe.  I'm deadly serious.  Stay away from the water.  There are dozens and dozens of reported drowning a year from people being pulled off the ferries.  It's worse now, for some reason.  The souls are restless.  They're tired of waiting to go to the other side."  He paused.  "Shark would be a nice way to go.  Quick.  Easy.  At least that way you'd know you were dead." 

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